Microwave Oven Leaking?

By | October 27, 2009

Microwave Oven Leak Detector

By request we have located information on the topic of dangers posed by leaking microwave ovens. Apparently some people have doubts about the safety of their oh-so-convenient cooking devices.

After doing a little reading on the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) web site, it appears as though the majority of microwave ovens do not put the general public at risk — unless the devices have obvious structural problems.

In fact, it seems that microwave ovens pose very little danger at all in so long as seals, latches, etc. all funtion the way they ought to.

There is little cause for concern about excess microwaves leaking from ovens unless the door hinges, latch, or seals are damaged. In FDA’s experience, most ovens tested show little or no detectable microwave leakage. If there is some problem and you believe your oven might be leaking excessive microwaves, contact the oven manufacturer, a microwave oven service organization, your state health department, or the nearest FDA office.

A word of caution about the microwave testing devices being sold to consumers: FDA has tested a number of these devices and found them generally inaccurate and unreliable. If used, they should be relied on only for a very approximate reading. The sophisticated testing devices used by public health authorities to measure oven leakage are far more accurate and are periodically tested and calibrated. ( source )

So basically, if your microwave oven creaks, rattles, makes obscene whirring and grinding noises, and/or operates freely even with the door open, you probably want to A) Get it repaired or B) Throw it out and buy a new one.

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