Important Message From National Safety Products

By | January 13, 2010

The following message comes from National Safety Products, an online distributor of testing and inspection equipment for many different applications, professions and environments:

Every year thousands of families are torn apart by the harmful effects of environmental hazards such as Carbon Monoxide (CO),  Radon Gas in air & water,  Lead,  Mold,  Mildew,  Fire, Smoke,  Gas Leakage,  Unsafe Water,  Radiation poisoning and many others.

These killers cause deaths and illnesses that could have otherwise been prevented had they been detected. In most instances, invisible and carrying no detectable odors, poisonous environmental elements are very real and exist in homes, offices, schools & hospitals.

Test now with our low cost, home test kits & detectors.

Fire & smoke destroy too many lives, scar many others & destroy valuable property. Have smoke detectors installed in the proper locations
throughout your home, office etc. Be certain that your smoke detector is functioning properly, by testing periodically. Use an approved "smoke detector tester" to be certain the smoke sensor & circuitry is function. By pressing the button you can only be assured that the battery has remaining power & that the siren functions.

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