Question: What Meters do Ghostbuters Use?

By | February 24, 2010

This next question through us for a loop. We actually had to go and watch an episode (or 12) of one of those ghost hunter type shows to figure out how best to answer the following question:

“Not sure if you can help, but my wife and I think we need to test for ghosts in the attic of a house we just bought. Things keep getting knocked over in the middle of the night and we hear other ‘weird’ sounds coming from up there. At first we thought rats or bats, but the exterminator guy told us no… so we think we must have ghosts. It IS a really old house we bought… So can you tell us what equipment to buy? Hope you can help!”

ghost hunting kit

Now can you see why we had to think first before we answered? Wow. Just… Wow.

So anyways, after spending a full afternoon watching one of those ghost hunting shows — strictly for research purposes, of course — we determined that ghosts apparently generate some sort of electromagnetic field and make rooms get really cold, really fast.

Therefore we figure you will need an EMF Meter and sort of Infrared Thermometer that will allow you to scan the average temperature over an area.

Conveniently for you, the lucky owners of a potentially haunted house, someone must have already pondered the same question as you because you can pick up something called the Paranormal Kit which contains both of the meters mentioned above.

Happy Hunting!

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