Moisture in Hay and Grain Samples

By | May 13, 2010

Test Products: GrainMaster

Ever have a problem w/ moisture ruining a loaf of bread prematurely? Or how about a colony of mold and/or mildew showing up on material that did not dry properly before getting folded up and put away?

Those problems do not COMPARE to the problems farmers go through if they do not keep accurate tabs on the moisture levels inside their hay and grain bales. If the levels get out of range, their crops can spoil and that means devastating financial problems for their business.


The GrainMaster comes with an integrated grinder-compressor unit that enables the user to take on-site moisture readings in ground samples quickly and easily.

Along with the GrainMaster, which comes in a handy carrying pouch, you also get a grinder-compressor unit, grain cup, sample spoon, brush and ‘Quickcheck’.

Besides having the ability to detect moisture levels from 0% to 100%, the GrainMaster has 15 pre-programmed calibrations for Wheat, Barley, Oats, Oilseed Rape, Canola, Linseed, Peas, Corn, Sunflower, Coffee, Soya, Rice, Sorghum, Paddy and Beans.

Need to test down inside a bale or down in a barrel? No problem. You can pick up optional probes for measuring temperature in stored grain (GRN6046) and moisture levels in baled hay and straw (GRN6138) as well.

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