Rotten Egg Smell in Your Drinking Water?

By | June 2, 2010

A commonly occurring problem with well water… the smell of rotten eggs in the water. Not a pleasant smell at all and in some cases the smell can nearly knock a person over when the concentration gets too high.

What causes that rotten egg smell in water? Usually it comes from the presence of dissolved hydrogen sulfide gas and it takes very little of the gas to make water smell bad. Less than 1 ppm will make water practically undrinkable.

Filter Water: Greensand Whole House Filter
Greensand Whole House Filter

Filter Water: Whole House Iron/H2S Filter
Whole House Iron/H2S Filter

The fact that you can smell the dissolved gas will not give you enough information to choose the correct water filtration system. Every system has a limit as to how much hydrogen sulfide gas it can remove and not getting the right size system may result in the rotten egg smell in your water not going away… and that would suck, right?

With whole house water filtration systems designed to remove hydrogen sulfide (plus iron and manganese) costing over $1,000 most of the time, you DEFINITELY want to make sure you choose the right water filter system for your level of hydrogen sulfide contamination.

For the task of testing hydrogen sulfide we suggest you take a look at the Low Range Hydrogen Sulfide Test Kit made by SenSafe. It has a low detection level of just 0.3ppm, an upper detection limit of 2.0ppm hydrogen sulfide in water, and takes just 20 seconds.

In the event that your water has greater than 2.0ppm hydrogen sulfide, SenSafe’s Hydrogen Sulfide Test Kit has a low detection range of 5ppm and an upper detection limit of 80ppm hydrogen sulfide in water.

The upper detection limit of the SenSafe Hydrogen Sulfide Test Kit makes it useful for industrial water applications.

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