Test for Cyanide in Drinking Water

By | June 20, 2011

What? Surely you jest… Cyanide in my DRINKING WATER?!?!?

Oh, how we wish the possibility of cyanide, the same deadly compound used to execute prisoners in gas chambers, entering drinking water supplies did not exist.

Despite cyanide’s reputation as a known killer, many industries still find it quite useful in a number of manufacturing processes. As an example, metal plating facilities would need to charge much more for their finished goods if they could not use cyanide in their operations.

In theory, as long as every company using cyanide keeps accurate track of every single drop and no one breaks any laws regulating the use, storage and disposal of cyanide we ought to have nothing to worry about, right? RIGHT?

Sorry, but those of us who live in the real world know darn well that a good number ‘fat cat’ business types don’t give a rat’s stinky butt about what happens to the water in YOUR area if cutting corners here and there when it comes to environmental safety practices will help the bottom line.

Testing for cyanide? Easy to do?

As our friends over at Water Testing Blog always say, “Nothing takes the place of testing performed by a qualified, certified water testing lab…” but it never hurts to do a little testing on your own between lab tests just to keep an eye on things.

The test kits below will give you, the average person, the ability to test for dissolved cyanide in water:

Test Products: Cyanide in Water Test Kit
Cyanide in Water Test Kit

Filter Water: Meter to Test for Cyanide
Meter to Test for Cyanide

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