Test for Metals in Drinking Water

By | June 17, 2011

Last week we touched on the topic of testing for potentially toxic heavy metals in human hair — a very wise thing to do if you have reason to believe your tap water or other aspect of your everyday environment may contain excess amounts of heavy metals.

Now the question becomes, can a person test their water for heavy metals? Absolutely, and at least three options exist: 1) At-Home Drinking Water Test Kits; 2) Mail-In Laboratory Testing; 3) Lab Testing by a Local, Certified Water Testing Laboratory.

For option ‘3’, check your local phone book or browse through the listings of labs certified to test drinking water on your state via the USEPA’s Safe Water Web Site.

For option ‘2’ we suggest taking a look at the mail-in water test kits offered by National Testing Laboratories or considering a kit such as the Premium Drinking Water Testing Kit which tests specifically for metals (plus fluoride & pH).

National Testing Labs
National Testing Laboratories
Mail-In Water Tests

For option ‘1’ we suggest purchasing a bottle of the Heavy Metals Check test strips from SenSafe. Although this product will not identify heavy metals in your drinking water, it will tell you the overall concentration in ppb (parts per billion) of heavy metals in your drinking water. Each bottle comes with 50 tests so you can either perform testing on multiple water sources OR perform periodic testing on just one water source.

If you want a broken down list of heavy metals contaminating your water, consider Option ‘2’ again and think about using the Premium Drinking Water Testing Kit.

Filter Water: Water Metals Check
Water Metals Check

Filter Water: Coliform Bacteria Test Kit
Coliform Bacteria Test Kit

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