Testing Your Smoke Detectors Can Save Your Life!

By | February 1, 2012

Fact: Testing your smoke detectors every few months can save your life.

“The Federal Government says 16 million smoke detectors in US homes do not work. Furthermore, studies show that working smoke detectors reduce the risk of fatalities by 50%.” ( source )

Smoke Detector Test Spray

Smoke Detector Test Spray

Many people feel safe simply knowing they have smoke detectors installed in their homes and don’t think to check their functionality until they hear the annoying ‘beep… beep… beep…’ that let’s them know their smoke detector has all but run out of battery power.

Question: Do smoke detectors function at their optimal levels until that beeping starts? Honestly, we don’t know but if taking a few minutes every month or two to check to see if our smoke detectors work will save our lives, well, you bet your britches we’ll test our smoke detectors on a regular basis!

OK, well how can I test my smoke detector?

Most smoke detectors have a ‘test’ button on them that gives owners the impression that if their alarm goes off when that button gets pressed they have a fully functional smoke detector. Not true! That little button only tests to see if the batteries have enough power to sound the alarm and does nothing with the ‘smoke sensing’ portion of the smoke detector.

So… how can one fully test the functionality of their smoke detectors without setting a fire in the house? Easy! Smoke Check comes in different sizes, can be purchased in bulk and has optional accessories that make it possible to test the functionality of smoke detectors on ceilings without having to stand on chairs or use a ladder.

According to Smoke Check‘s manufacturer, the Smoke Check Smoke Detector Tester allows users to test smoke detectors that use both photoelectric and ionization methods of smoke detection. By emitting a patented mixture of particles in an aerosol spray, Smoke Check simulates smoke generated by a wide range of fire conditions and in doing so performs a thorough test of smoke detectors’ components.

Smoke Detector Tester puts both photoelectric and ionization smoke detectors through their paces to ensure that their circuitry and alarm systems are functioning and that they are actively sampling the air for any hint of a fire. Our patented formulation of aerosol particles simulates the entire range of fire conditions giving you the confidence of knowing your fire alarm system will respond promptly to any kind of fire condition. ( source )

So… test those detectors, folks! Your life and the lives of your loved ones may depend on it!

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