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Does Freezing Water Make It Safe to Drink?

By | August 10, 2015

We recently received an inquiry from a young scholar named ‘Bailey’ who asked, “In science class we learned that boiling water kills the bugs in water and makes it ok to drink. Does freezing it make ice safe to eat?” In a word, NO. Freezing water does not make it safe for human consumption because […]

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Incubation Period for Coliform Bacteria Test Kit

By | January 27, 2014

Coliform Bacteria Test Kitfor Drinking Water Today’s inquiry deals with the EZ Coliform Cult Test for coliform bacteria in water. ‘Pam’ asked, “I bought an EZ Coliform Cult test and read the instructions, but have now lost the instructions. The packaging tells everything except the incubation time and temperature. Would you please give me that […]

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Important Information About Listeria

By | October 31, 2013

Ordinarily we discuss contaminants that affect water supplies but today, in light of the recent recall of around 22,000 pounds of meat as a result of possible Listeria contamination, we decided to digress a talk a bit about Listeria. Hey, if the CDC (Centers for Disease Control) says millions of people each year in the […]

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The Water Might Be Holy, But It May Not Be Safe…

By | September 26, 2013

Coliform Bacteria Testfor Drinking Water Ever gone to a church or other religious location and wondered about the hygienic properties of the Holy Water? If not, then we think 99% of the world has not had that thought, either — but some folks in Vienna, Austria recently DID have that thought and, well, yuck! An […]

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CDC Issues Stern Warning Regarding New Era of Antibiotic-Resistant Infections

By | September 19, 2013

You may wonder why we have chosen to write about the Center for Disease Control’s recent warning against the overuse of antibiotics… on a web site that deals with water quality, water quality testing, and water quality improvement. The answer lies in the fact that medical professionals prescribing antibiotics in stronger (and stronger) dosages and […]

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Boil Water Advisory in Sarasota, Florida

By | August 13, 2013

As a precaution, Sarasota County officials issued a boil water advisory for the Pelican Cove Condominiums area after a water main break over the weekend which interrupted water service to roughly 1,000 customers residing between Wharf Road and Pelican Point Drive. WaterSafe City Water Test Kit State law required officials to notify customers in the [...]

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Trouble With Reverse Osmosis Water Filter — Bacteria & Diarrhea

By | June 7, 2013

A woman recently contacted us with the following situation: “My reverse osmosis water filter made me sick since April 2013- current. I have been unable to work or leave the house due to explosive diahreah, weakness, headaches and other stomach issues. I have documented water samples stating the RO water has 89 fecal coliform bacteria [...]

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Boil Water Advisory in All of a Major City?

By | May 30, 2013

Believe it or not, virtually the entire city of Montreal received the order to boil its water or use an alternate source (i.e. bottled water) recently after testing at one of the city’s filtration plants, the second largest in all of Canada, revealed some sort of sediment that no one could explain. WaterSafe City Water [...]

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Water Quality Affects Milk Production… in Cows

By | May 23, 2013

According to a recent study authored by Bryan Swistock, an Extension Water Resources Specialist in the College of Agricultural Sciences at Penn State University, cows living on dairy farms with better water quality had, on average, better daily milk yields than cows living on dairy farms that had more water quality problems. Water Quality Affects [...]

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More Than Half of Hotel Pools Tested Failed Bacteria Testing

By | August 7, 2012

The next time you consider taking a dip in the hotel pool that looked (and possibly smelled?) a little ‘off’, or, even worse, soaking in a hot tub that you didn’t think looked (or possibly smelled?) the way it ought to… think about this: A recent ‘surprise’ testing spree conducted on 11 hotel pools in [...]

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