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Featured Product: WaterSafe Lead in Water Test Kit

By | August 2, 2015

The WaterSafe Lead in Water Test Kit makes testing for potentially dangerous levels of dissolved lead in drinking water a fast and easy process. Giving useful results in just minutes, the WaterSafe Lead Test lets you know if your drinking water contains more than 15 ppb (parts per billion) dissolved lead. WaterSafe Lead in Water […]

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About ‘Lead in Drinking Water’ Warnings and What You Can Do if Affected

By | April 1, 2015

Newspapers and online news outlets around the country love the thrill of informing people that their drinking water may contain unsafe levels of lead and spilling the beans on the dangers of consuming too much lead, but we feel too many of the stories put out there lack something: Advice for people w/ affected water! […]

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Question: Water Test Kits for Metals like Lead, Mercury and Aluminum in Drinking Water

By | April 11, 2014

Water metals can show up in drinking water from any number of sources including water system service lines and plumbing for city/tap water customer and from well casing, plumbing and the environment itself for folks with well water. SenSafe Heavy Metals Checkfor Total Metals Concentration Today’s inquiry came from ‘John J’ who asked, “I am […]

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Why are Phosphates Added to the Public Water Supply?

By | April 3, 2014

‘Shondra’ asked, “I live in a city that just sent out an annual water quality report and it says they add phosphates to our drinking water. Why do they do that? Is there a good reason for us to be drinking phosphates? Doesn’t sound like an essential vitamin or mineral to me.” We talk about […]

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New Lead in Water Study Shows Old Test Procedure Had Shortcomings — Chicago, IL

By | January 4, 2014

Inaccurate lead in city water tests in the Windy City? According to a new EPA study, yes, the manner in which city workers, homeowners, business owners, and private groups that monitor water quality may have yielded less than accurate results. WaterSafe Lead in Water Test “A recently completed study by the U.S. Department of Environmental […]

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Why is Mercury a Problem? Doesn’t It Flush Out Like Other Toxins?

By | August 26, 2013

We recently received an inquiry from ‘Angel-Ize’ who asked, “In school they taught us the human body flushes out things it does not need or want in it so what’s the big deal about metals like mercury in our water? The body will just excrete it and be on its way. Please explain. Thks.” Mercury [...]

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Problem With Annual Water Quality Reports

By | June 28, 2013

In recent news we have seen headlines about water systems patting themselves on the back because the quality of the water they distribute exceeds Federal Drinking Water Standards… according to recently published test results published in each system’s Annual Water Quality Report. To the untrained eye each ‘glowing’ report tells a wonderful water quality success [...]

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Lead Poisoning and Children

By | March 27, 2013

Everyone knows that exposure to lead can result in health issues… right? If not, then stay tuned because apparently you need a quick tutorial — especially if you have small children! WaterSafe Lead in water Test Kit Due to the rapid rate at which children’s brains grow, overexposure to a heavy metal like lead may [...]

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Testing for Metals in Drinking Water — Important!

By | January 17, 2013

Common misconception: ‘I have city water so I have no reason to worry about metals in my drinking water’ Water Metals Test Kit, 50 Tests per BottleLow Detection of < 10ppb (parts per billion) Sounds like it would make sense that treated, filtered water dispensed (sold) by a municipality or privatized water company would not [...]

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Environmental Water Test Results Faked?

By | October 19, 2012

If ever we needed a reason to test our water on a regular basis, and by the way we really don’t NEED another reason, this situation would certainly push us in that direction. COMPLETE Water Test Kit An ex-employee at an asphalt company has come forward recently with allegations that higher-ups in the company encouraged [...]

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