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Test for Sound (Noisy Neighbor Detector)

By | September 19, 2011

Have you ever wanted to record the sound level generated by your noisy neighbor’s car stereo, a modified motorcycle muffler, construction equipment on an adjacent property, or planes at the airport? Believe it or not, strict laws exist for the purpose of controlling the amount of noise/sound that fill our environments and devices such as […]

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Test for Gas Leaks

By | July 14, 2011

In the news to day we read about a home located roughly 40 miles north of Albany, NY near the Vermont border exploding… possibly because of a leaking or faulty gas line or valve in the home. At the time we read the article three people had died and several others, including a baby, had […]

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Meter to Test for Refrigerant Leaks

By | June 9, 2011

Yep. Weatherman says it’s gonna’ be another hot one… So here’s one tool a handyman simply cannot afford NOT to have in the Summer Months: A meter for detecting refrigerant leaks. Why? Because A/C units in cars and attached to buildings pretty much ALL use refrigerant and when their tanks keep running out of refrigerant […]

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Test for Weapons at a Halloween Party

By | October 8, 2010

Sad to say, but a lot of people still have NOT learned to leave their knives and guns (the real ones) at home when they head out to a Halloween party. For morons like that we have a perfect solution that’ll stop them from from bringing their unwanted contraband into your bar, club or private […]

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Infrared Thermometer for RC Car Engine Tuning

By | September 28, 2010

OK, so we got a weird question the other day by email… from a guy who wanted to know where he could get his hands on an infrared thermometer that he could use to tune the motor on his radio controlled car. Turns out the guy’s question had a lot of validity. Apparently when racing […]

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What Are Refractometers?

By | May 24, 2010

In all honesty, we had no idea refractometers had so many uses in so many different industries: Automotive industry uses refractometers to analyze antifreeze and transmission fluids Wine growers use refractometers to measure the amount of sugar in their product at various times Environmentalists an use refractometers to measure the salinity (saltiness) of water. … […]

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Testing for Air, Gas and Refrigerant Leaks

By | May 21, 2010

Back in the old days a technician would break out some soapy water and coat areas of an air or gas line he/ suspected of leaking and wait to see if any bubbles formed. We imagine that after a few accidental electrocutions, because water and high voltage equipment typically do not mix, someone came up […]

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Moisture in Hay and Grain Samples

By | May 13, 2010

Ever have a problem w/ moisture ruining a loaf of bread prematurely? Or how about a colony of mold and/or mildew showing up on material that did not dry properly before getting folded up and put away? Those problems do not COMPARE to the problems farmers go through if they do not keep accurate tabs […]

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Hardness Testing per ASTM A956 (Round Two)

By | May 12, 2010

Consider this part two in a series of two blog postings about testing the hardness of steel per ASTM A956… simply because we saw a second meter that you can use for this sort of testing. Tony from Orlando asked, “What is the ASTM Test Method associated with testing the hardness of steel and what […]

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Heat Index Monitor (WBGT)

By | May 7, 2010

OK, so if you don’t already know what the term ‘wet bulb globe temperature’ means, don’t worry. We didn’t, either, before writing this blog entry. The term refers to the way the human body ‘feels’ in response to actual temperature, real-time exposure to sunlight, and humidity. Many refer to the wet bulb globe temperature, often […]

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