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Digital Anemometer, 18 Minute Bacteria Tests and a Thermometer/Hygrometer

By | October 13, 2009

The title sounds like the introduction to a really bad joke, we know, but some things just kinda’ happen that way. Today we offer a meter for testing relative humidity and temperature, a meter for monitoring wind speed and a bunch of other parameters, and a rapid test for bacteria that you can use to […]

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Test Products Sale Items

By | October 4, 2009

Have a need for a combination thermometer/hygrometer clock, digital anemaometer, digital moisture meter, digital EMF meter, triple axis gaussmeter or digital meter for reading the pH of soil? If so, then we posted these items just for you! Thermometer Hygrometer Clock: Digital 14º to 122ºF, 10 to 99% RH (DTH800) WHITE 2.5″ Wide x 4.25″ […]

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