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Measuring Mositure? Need a Protimeter?

By | November 1, 2009

As the season once again roll around to Fall (in the Northern Hemisphere), the need to measure moisture in concrete, drywall, and other places grows. Therefore we would like to present you with three options for devices called… protimeters.

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Test Products Sale Items

By | October 2, 2009

Today we have the eXact Micro 7+ Water Test Meter, a digital soil pH meter, a General Electric protimeter, an ultra-violet light detector, a laser distance meter and and an electronic radon gas detector for your testing needs. Enjoy! Ultra-Violet Light Meter: Digital UVA/UVB 290 to 390nm, 0.001 to 19.99 mW/cm2 (YK-35UV) with Remote Light […]

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