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Will Water Test Strips Last Longer if Refrigerated?

By | August 9, 2017

We recently heard from ‘Kari’ who asked, “Hello! I was wondering if the Water Works Water Quality Test Strips keep longer if refrigerated? Or would this ruin them? Best way to store? Thanks! Kari” Believe it or not, we have heard this question quite a few times in recent years. It generally costs less to […]

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What a Boil Water Advisory Should Mean to You

By | May 22, 2017

As soon as water mains break or some other ’emergency’ gets declared by your local water company or water utility, those companies notify the media and ask them to announce boil water advisories for affected areas… but what does that mean to the average person? Without getting too detailed, it means the folks living in […]

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Does Your Water Test Kit Include….

By | February 10, 2017

This morning we heard from ‘RobertM’ who asked, “Does your water testing include testing for iron, hardness, hydrogen sulfide, and manganese?” Thank you, Robert, for the inquiry. At this time we carry two kits that contain MOST of the items in your list. See below for details: COMPLETE Water Quality Test Kit includes tests for: […]

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Free Water Testing in Allegan County (Michigan)

By | April 21, 2016

We recently learned that the Allegan Conservation District in Allegan County (Michigan) will distribute free test kits for nitrates and nitrites to landowners from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. on Saturday, April 23, at the Allegan County Area Technical and Education Center, 2891 116th Ave. in Allegan. This free water test kit offer comes to […]

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Reduced Fee Water Testing in McHenry County (Illinois) April 1st – 30th, 2016

By | April 6, 2016

We recently learned that the McHenry County Department of Health (located in Illinois) intends to offer a discounted water testing package to local homeowners with private water wells in the month of April 2016. The package will include a test for coliform bacteria and nitrates for a cost of $18. DIY At-Home Water Test Kitfor […]

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12 Scary Water Facts for World Water Day 2016

By | March 22, 2016

While we wish that we had 12 fun facts about water and our use of water on Earth, reality dictates that we share a more somber picture today. So, for World Water Day 2016, we present some shocking statistics from “12 Facts And Things To Know” about water: It is estimated that approximately 1.8 billion […]

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Special March Madness Offer — Save 10% at the Water Test Kit Store

By | March 18, 2016

In case no one informed you, March Madness has started. For ME it means allergy season has officially kicked off, but for the rest of the country it means millions of eyeballs will become glued to the television watching the nation’s 64 best NCAA Basketball teams battle to the death for the title of #1. […]

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Disposing of Pool Water in the Fall

By | September 3, 2015

For those not living in areas where pools must get ‘closed’ for the Winter, the question of how to properly dispose of chemically treated pool water probably never crossed your mind… but as Summer draws closer to a close, folks living in cooler climates should ponder the matter. If simply drained into the streets the […]

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Featured Product: WaterSafe Lead in Water Test Kit

By | August 2, 2015

The WaterSafe Lead in Water Test Kit makes testing for potentially dangerous levels of dissolved lead in drinking water a fast and easy process. Giving useful results in just minutes, the WaterSafe Lead Test lets you know if your drinking water contains more than 15 ppb (parts per billion) dissolved lead. WaterSafe Lead in Water […]

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Number of Tests in Fluoride Test Kit?

By | May 27, 2015

We received an inquiry from ‘Joe’ the other day who asked, “I want to test for Fluoride concentration at two locations in my home (I have two filter systems). Do I have to purchase two kits?” Good afternoon, Joe, and thank you for your question about the fluoride test we carry. The National Testing Laboratories […]

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